Travel and tourism industry 


Focused content strategy of identifying and refreshing money pages and CRO focussed user experience revamp helped attract 185% more users in just 7 months.

  • 2.3X Growth in Organic Users
  • ● 48% Increase in Keyword Rankings (Top 3 positions)


Focused SEO strategy of refreshing and tweaking old content along with adding Table Schema Markups
boosted traffic 151.50% in 5 months.

Key Achievements (Traffic)

  • Users - 151.50% increase
  • New Users - 153.36% increase
  • Sessions - 152.55% increase
  • Bounce Rate - 48.21% reduction

Key Achievements (Conversions)

  • Total Clicks - 165.66% increase
  • Total Impressions - 45.96% increase
  • Average CTR - 85% increase

The Brand

The client is a leading tour and travels operator recognized by the Ministry Of Tourism, India, offering personalized travel options focussing on the southern states.

The Challenge

The client’s key goals were to:

  • Increase Organic Traffic
  • Improve Keywords SERP, and Organic Leads

The client website suffered on various SEO parameters as per industry guidelines. The content on the website was thin and lacked the oomph factor needed to keep visitors on-page for longer. We started with an organic traffic baseline of 7k per month.

The Challenge

Market Research and Analysis is a highly competitive niche with a number of established players. The client wanted to improve non branded organic search to service pages in a market where brand consciousness was very high.

The Strategy

  • We analyzed the key pages to be targeted based on the data and beefed up the page with relevant content.
  • We added relevant structure data to the pages to enable them being picked up as rich snippets by Google.
  • We implemented a clear backlink strategy from high authority websites, which aided in boosting the traffic.
  • We suggested UI/UX tweaks of the website little in order to increase the conversions.
  • We added clear Goal Tracking (via Form Fills and Call number Tracking) and CRO Changes to the homepage to improve look and feel and boost conversions.


The Results

Adding Structure data on key pages improved the SERP position of relevant keywords to the first position and eventually was featured as a Rich Snippet (Position 0).

Within a period of 5 months we achieved improvement in:

  • Traffic by 114.28%,
  • Sessions by 152.55%,
  • Form fills by 100%,
  • Clicks by 130.57%
  • Impressions by 64.6%

Lessons Learned

  • Structure Data implementations greatly helped to improve the keywords SERP, especially for frequently asked questions.
  • Relevant content snippets in the pages helped us rank better and improve user engagement with the website.
  • Adding unique and valuable content about travel destinations such as things to do, cost breakups, day-wise plans, helped attract users to spend more time on the website and eventually helped drive conversions.

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