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Healthcare client improves their lead flow by 60% and reduces the cost per lead by 12% in 2 months with NPDI’s effective lead generation strategy

Key Achievements

  • 60% increase in overall conversions in 2 months
  • 12% reduction in cost per lead in 2 months

The Brand


The client is a well-known and reliable healthcare brand in the country offering quality treatment and support to its customers. It aims to create a one-stop space for providing resources, treatment, and a community for people seeking mental wellness and care. 

The brand’s main aim was to optimise their existing campaigns to attract more qualified leads and churn out more revenue from paid media.

The Challenge

The brand has a 2-year old ad account with a lot of unorganised campaigns and unanalysed data. We were faced with the challenge to action the huge amount of existing data to extract relevant points for driving growth. Furthermore, being a healthcare brand, they were facing restrictions for certain key search terms on Google and ad policy issues on Facebook ads. Their website didn’t have a proper customer relationship management (CRM) or lead feedback management system in place. Moreover, they were using website pages which weren’t lead generation friendly for their ads. On top of that, there was a pandemic situation and a general dearth of business in the economy. People weren’t able to travel for consultation or treatment, so there was a decline in demand. 

The Strategy

Our first step was to suggest to the client to have a strong lead management platform in place. This would help us to record leads coming in from various sources and their quality. Previously what happened was that it wasn’t possible to determine the exact source of the leads that were coming in. We also collected all the existing list of keywords being used and their search queries to create a handy list of profitable keywords that we could use in our campaigns. The plan was also to create lead generation friendly landing pages to attract visitors and create an easy conversion process. 

The Execution

With a strong strategy in place, we set up the foundation for transforming the website into a strong lead capturing funnel and fleshed out the basic campaign structure. 

Our first step was to configure the CRM with our website and landing page lead forms as well as the inbound phone numbers (since around 60-70% of all leads generated were from phone calls). Based on our suggestions, our tech team implemented this which helped all our enquiries to get tracked in a uniform manner.

We restructured the ad account campaigns and also we opted for different bidding strategies as per the campaign objectives as well as the campaign history. We also made specific bidding adjustments as per age, demographics, geolocation, and interests data points. After going through all the existing data, we found that there were several keywords and search terms that could be profitable and offer good returns. So we created a selected list of search terms with an aim to create better quality scores and get more appointments. 

Our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) experts stepped in with their expertise to do a hygiene check of the entire website. We created specific no-exit landing pages for each service instead of creating one-size-fits-all pages. We paid additional focus on the UI/UX to improve the customer journey by removing all distractions and navigation links to other pages and keeping crisp and relevant information on the landing pages. We also measured interactions such as button clicks and scroll depth on the landing pages by creating goals on Google Analytics

Here’s a summary of our performance marketing strategy:

  • Putting a strong lead management platform in place to record leads from diverse sources
  • Optimise key search terms and improving the quality score and ad relevance
  • Set up a strong customer relationship management (CRM) or lead feedback management system in place
  • Make the website more lead generation friendly and ensure better conversions  
  • Create a strong campaign structure with a specific focus on aspects such as nomenclature, ad group & keyword structure
  • Set up high intent zero exit landing pages to capture qualified leads and ensure better conversions

The Results

Our paid advertising and conversion rate optimisation efforts created the exact results we were looking for. The zero exit landing pages succeeded in generating targeted leads and the improved website pages helped in reducing the customer journey. Moreover, the search terms also helped us in reducing the cost per lead as well as avoiding unnecessary penalties. 

Our cumulative efforts on the CRM, campaign structuring, conversion rate optimisation, and landing page front collectively helped us to achieve the desired results. 

Here’s a summary of the results from our performance marketing efforts:

  • 60% increase in overall conversions in 2 months
  • 12% reduction in cost per lead in 2 months

Lessons Learned

  • If lead generation is one of the primary goals, it’s important to have the best CRM foundations in place
  • Basic foundation and structuring of campaign and accounts are elementary to sustain long term predictable conversions
  • In specific verticals such as the healthcare sector, monitoring and refining keyword and search terms can help in avoiding penalty and disapprovals on online advertising channels
  • Creating no-exit landing pages can help in increasing lead velocity and generating better-qualified leads
  • Leveraging different bidding strategies like target CPA, target impressions share, maximize clicks and manual eCPC appropriately can bring huge differences in conversions
  • Continuous A/B testing and optimising ad copies for relevance and quality score to match the services provided can help in ranking higher on Google in comparison to competitors

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