Online fashion brand surpasses COVID-19 slump in sales to achieve record 6X returns with NPDI’s performance marketing efforts

Key Achievements

  • 3X to 6X ROAS in 3 Months
  • 40% Reduction in Cost Per Sale
  • 141% Increase in Conversion Rate

The Brand

The client is an online fashion apparel brand that provides handcrafted sarees and accessories to discerning customers. Their aim is to bring superior quality handwoven apparels with modern designs and skilled craftsmanship to fashion lovers worldwide. 

They have an eCommerce website which they have been using recently to promote their latest products and collections. 

The Challenge

Although, the fashion brand isn’t new to the online advertising space, however, they have been getting inconsistent returns from their advertising efforts. On top of that, the COVID-19 crisis severely impacted their revenue flow, resulting in a downward ROAS graph.

The brand’s existing advertising activities until March 2020 resulted in inconsistent and unpredictable results. They required a clear performance marketing strategy to optimise their campaigns and reach out to the right audience. 

The Strategy

Our first focus was on creating a consistent ad strategy by factoring in different aspects of their brand, target audience, and market insights. With this in mind, we broke down our performance marketing efforts into specific short-term goals and decided to plan our next goals based on the data sets from the results achieved. 

After optimising the goals, we moved on to study the market. Some ready observations that came up were that due to the coronavirus quarantine, most people will be inside their homes, which may affect their shopping behaviour. Also, researching the market trends from other brands, we gathered that eCommerce brands may perform well as a result of increased shopping behaviour among buyers and greater purchasing power in the present situation.

With this in mind, we customised our creatives and ad messaging to encourage our buyers to indulge in lockdown shopping. Moreover, we also leveraged the various Indian occasions and festivals such as Raksha Bandhan and Friendship Day to create festival-oriented messaging and offers to provide incentives for prospective buyers. We also diversified our efforts to optimise certain campaign parameters such as geotargeting, behaviours, interests, age, and demographic targeting to optimise our campaigns to meet our target audience.

This brought immediate results. Once the first spike in revenue started flowing in, we made sure to A/B test our offers, communication, and messaging to keep optimising our campaigns even more.

We also focused our efforts on conversion rate optimisation by improving the page speed of product pages on the brand website. This helped us in shortening the customer journey to reach the conversion stage and boosting sales and conversion rates.

Once all aspects of the campaigns were optimised, we simply kept refining our campaigns and analysing the data. Within 3 months, we were able to boost the returns from 3x to 6x successfully, despite the COVID-19 situation.

Here’s a summary of our performance marketing strategy:

  • Ad strategy optimisation based on data points such as city-based delivery options
  • Campaign optimisation based on age, gender, interests, demographics, and geotargeting
  • A/B testing campaign aspects such as offers, messaging, and creatives
  • Analysing customer journey and creating targeter buyer persona based on shopping data
  • Conversion rate optimisation efforts to reduce the length of the customer journey, optimising critical sections of the E-commerce site like the cart and the checkout pages and also reducing the page load time

The Results

The results from our performance marketing efforts hugely exceeded our expectations. Where the initial goal was just to stabilise the revenue graph and pull it out of negatives, we succeeded in reaching a stable upward curve and consistent revenue on ad spend. Not just that, we were able to double the returns from 3x to 6x in a matter of 3 months, reduce the cost per sale to 40%, and boost conversion rates to 141%.

Here’s a summary of the results from our performance marketing efforts:

  • 6x month-on-month return on ad spends in spite of the Coronavirus situation.
  • 40% reduction in cost per sale
  • 141% boost in conversion rates 
  • High revenue in peak periods and wide visibility among potential customers

Lessons Learned

  • Leveraging key market sentiments can help in getting the desired results. In this case, keeping an eye on the lockdown situation and tweaking our campaign as per market demands helped in reaching our target.
  • Creating a super-targeted buyer persona can help in optimising campaign aspects such as age, gender, interests, demographics, devices, and geolocations.
  • Keeping an eye out for associated factors affecting campaign performance such as product page optimisation, improving page speed, analyzing user behaviour data from heat map tools and other CRO aspects.
  • Analysing the data can help in optimising important campaign points to drive in better conversions. In our case, noticing that the product was doing well in Hindi and Bengali speaking cities and using that insight to create vernacular language campaigns helped us in getting even better results and reaching out to the right audience.
  • Identifying fast selling products based on geographical and shopping data to enable better and faster sales for key products.
  • Highlighting and communicating all USPs of the products in the campaign messaging for providing a better incentive to buyers and ensuring higher conversions.

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