Ayurveda and wellness 


Focused content strategy of identifying and refreshing money pages and CRO focussed user experience revamp helped attract 185% more users in just 7 months.

  • 2.3X Growth in Organic Users
  • ● 48% Increase in Keyword Rankings (Top 3 positions)


Focused SEO strategy with content tweaks across individual product pages lead to a
3X boost in Organic Traffic in just 10 Months.

Key Achievements (Traffic)

  • Users - 208.31% increase
  • New Users - 219.57% increase
  • Sessions - 212.28% increase

Key Achievements (Conversions)

  • Total Clicks - 192.95% increase
  • Total Impressions - 169.58% increase

The Brand

The client is an eCommerce company that aims to promote healing and wellness through
Ayurveda products and associated services.

The Challenge


The website was revamped in the month of June’19 using the Laravel platform leading to a significant dip in traffic. The company wanted to establish itself in the eCommerce market through its Ayurvedic products. However, the website fell short across SEO and website optimization parameters as per industry standards. The key aim was to improve organic traffic and product sales from the website.

The Challenge

Market Research and Analysis is a highly competitive niche with a number of established players. The client wanted to improve non branded organic search to service pages in a market where brand consciousness was very high.

The Strategy

  • We implemented on-page optimization, page speed optimization, and content refreshes to resolve thin content issues and ensure the website was healthy across SEO parameters.
  • We worked on a clear link building strategy from high domain authority websites to boost organic traffic.
  • We beefed up product pages every month according to the gap analysis focussing on user intent-based search terms and long-tail keywords.


The Results

  • We implemented content tweaks and added valuable user-friendly content to 193 product pages which broke down complex Ayurveda jargon into simple conversational English.
  • Execution of page speed optimization and content tweaks engaged users on the website for a longer time as well as increased the traffic by 208.31%, sessions by 212.57%, clicks by 192.95%, and impressions by 169.5%.
  • We were able to substantially improve the SERP results for essential keywords like “kerala ayurvedic medicine”, “kerala ayurvedic medicines online”.

Lessons Learned

  • The importance of content that helps the buyer along the user journey (Risks, Dosage information, Ingredients etc in the product context) is nonpareil.
  • Medical/Domain jargon needs to broken down and simplified especially in the e-commerce niche.
  • Excellent user experience, especially in the cart/checkout process, is essential to improve conversions.

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